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Migraine prevalence higher among sexual minority adults

By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) - U.S. adults who identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual are more likely to experience migraines, a new study suggests. To assess disparities in migraine prevalence,

Pilots with insulin-treated diabetes may be able to safely fly

By Linda Carroll (Reuters Health) - When pilots with insulin-treated diabetes followed a protocol to monitor blood sugar levels, they were able to avoid hypoglycemia and fly both commercial and

Electromagnetic guidance preferable for feeding tube placement in critically ill children

By Marilynn Larkin NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Electromagnetic guidance bested the conventional method of placing a postpyloric feeding tube in critically ill children in a randomized, controlled

US FDA approved new opioids based on faulty studies for more than 20 years

By Marilynn Larkin NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - For more than two decades, even in the face of a growing opioid addiction epidemic, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved opioids based on

UPDATE 1-Universal Health tells staff its corporate network remains offline

(Adds comment from UHS employee) By Raphael Satter (Reuters) - Hospital chain Universal Health Services' network remains offline on Tuesday, two days after the company fell prey to an apparent

EXCLUSIVE-How aid workers got away with sex abuse in Congo's Ebola crisis

By Nellie Peyton and Robert Flummerfelt DAKAR/ BENI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Sex-for-jobs schemes were an open secret during the Democratic Republic of Congo's recent Ebola outbreak, half a

EXCLUSIVE-More than 50 women accuse aid workers of sexual abuse in Congo Ebola crisis

By Robert Flummerfelt and Nellie Peyton BENI, Democratic Republic of Congo (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - More than 50 women have accused Ebola aid workers from the World Health Organization and

GSK executive wary of human challenge trials for COVID-19 vaccine

By Reuters Staff (Reuters) - GlaxoSmithKline Plc executive Thomas Breuer said on Tuesday he has "reservations" against human challenge trials as a tool for determining the effectiveness of COVID-19

Lung ultrasonography useful for COVID-19 risk stratification

By Reuters Staff NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Lung ultrasonography can be useful for identifying which patients with COVID-19 can be managed as outpatients, according to a new prospective study. Lung

Adolescents often get 'red flag' drugs for first episode of mental illness

By Anne Harding NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The care adolescents receive for a first episode of mental illness varies widely across the U.S., and many are prescribed "red flag" drugs, according to new

Pressure urticaria can mimic physical abuse

By Will Boggs MD NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Pressure urticaria in an infant can be misdiagnosed as physical abuse, according to a case report. "While physicians and healthcare providers should be

Prone positioning alters electrocardiogram

By Will Boggs MD NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Electrocardiography performed on patients in prone positioning can yield electrocardiograms (ECGs) with findings suggestive of an infarct, according to a

Apparent treatment-resistant hypertension may be undertreated in Black adults

By David Douglas NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Both lifestyle recommendations and antihypertensive medication appear to be insufficiently used in Black adults with apparent treatment-resistant

Increased risk for cardiovascular disease seen with two or more menopausal symptoms

By Megan Brooks NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Having two or more moderate or severe menopausal symptoms is associated with increased risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and stroke, new research

U.S. senators aim to stop sale of drugs online by going after tech's legal immunity

By Nandita Bose WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two U.S. senators on Tuesday introduced legislation that aims to stop the sale of opioids and illicit drugs online by amending a key federal law that protects

Stretched to the limit, Spanish medics demand better conditions

By Nacho Doce and Marco Trujillo BARCELONA/MADRID (Reuters) - Dressed in white lab coats, medical scrubs and face masks, hundreds of junior Spanish doctors took to the streets of Barcelona on Tuesday

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a flying paramedic

By Reuters Staff LONDON (Reuters) - Paramedics in England's remote, rugged Lake District region have been testing a jet suit that gets them to people in danger or distress in a fraction of the time it

INSIGHT-Puzzled scientists seek reasons behind Africa's low fatality rates from pandemic

By Alexander Winning JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Africa's overburdened public health systems, dearth of testing facilities and overcrowded slums had experts predicting a disaster when COVID-19 hit the

Russian scientist behind COVID-19 vaccine defends 'wartime' roll-out

By Polina Nikolskaya and Polina Ivanova MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia plans to share preliminary results of its COVID-19 vaccine trial based on the first six weeks of monitoring participants, raising the

Coronavirus deaths rise above a million in 'agonizing' global milestone

By Jane Wardell (Reuters) - The global coronavirus death toll rose past a million on Tuesday, according to a Reuters tally, a grim statistic in a pandemic that has devastated the global economy,

Nine in ten recovered COVID-19 patients experience side-effects - study

By Sangmi Cha SEOUL (Reuters) - Nine in ten coronavirus patients reported experiencing side-effects such as fatigue, psychological after-effects and loss of smell and taste after they recovered from

Universal Health tells employees its corporate network remains offline

By Raphael Satter (Reuters) - Hospital chain Universal Health Services has on Tuesday told employees that its network remains offline, two days after the company fell prey to an apparent ransomware

Firearm injuries increase individuals' healthcare usage and costs by as much as 20-fold

By Linda Carroll (Reuters Health) - In the six months after a firearm injury, a patient's health care costs can increase from 3- to 20-fold when compared with the six months prior to the injury, a new

Many COVID-19 clinical trials may exclude older adults

By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Heath) - Nearly one quarter of clinical trials for COVID-19 treatments and vaccines may have exclusion criteria that specify an age-cut-off for enrollment, a new study

Novel AI-based platform diagnoses dystonia from MRI scans

By Marilynn Larkin (Reuters Health) - An artificial intelligence (AI)-based deep learning platform, DystoniaNet, diagnosed the neurological disorder from MRI scans with close to 99% accuracy,

Under pressure over virus, Trump to announce more tests for states

By Reuters Staff WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Under pressure over his handling of the coronavirus outbreak, U.S. President Donald Trump planned to announce on Monday that the government would distribute

Poorer countries to get 120 million $5 coronavirus tests, WHO says

By Emma Farge and Kate Kelland GENEVA/LONDON (Reuters) - Some 120 million rapid diagnostic tests for coronavirus will be made available to low- and middle-income countries at a maximum of $5 each, the

UPDATE 1-CDC director on pandemic: 'We're nowhere near the end' -NBC

(Adds White House, CDC statement, background) By Reuters Staff WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The head of a top U.S. government health agency contradicted President Donald Trump upbeat assessment of the

Numerous drugs can spawn a broad range of arrhythmias

By Will Boggs MD NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Scores of drugs can be associated with arrhythmias ranging from atrial fibrillation to torsades de pointes, according to a scientific statement from the

Time-restricted eating fails as weight-loss intervention

By Reuters Staff NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Time-restricted eating, in the absence of other interventions, is not an effective way to lose weight. In a randomized controlled trial, time-restricted

Modi pledges to use India vaccine-production capacity to help 'all humanity'

By Reuters Staff NEW YORK (Reuters) - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi pledged at the United Nations on Saturday that his country's vaccine production capacity would be made available globally to

'Take home' lawsuits over COVID infections could be costly for U.S. employers

By Tom Hals (Reuters) - U.S. businesses with COVID-19 outbreaks are facing an emerging legal threat from claims that workers brought coronavirus home and infected relatives, which one risk analysis

UK universities grapple with spiralling COVID-19 outbreaks

By Kate Holton LONDON (Reuters) - The University of Glasgow has offered a rent rebate to residents and support with securing food and medical supplies for self-isolating students in a sign of the huge

CDC director contradicts Trump on coronavirus: 'We're nowhere near the end' -NBC

By Reuters Staff WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The head of a top U.S. government health agency gave a grim assessment of the coronavirus pandemic that contradicts that of President Donald Trump, saying "

CORRECTED-COVID-19 croup may be more severe than typical croup

(Corrects para 11 of Sept. 24 story, to indicate that Emergency Department croup patients are offered COVID-19 testing.) By Megan Brooks NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Clinicians from Virginia report

Experts recommend three dosing protocols for medical cannabis when treating chronic pain

By Rob Goodier NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Treatment of chronic pain with medical cannabis should follow one of three dosing protocols, according to international consensus recommendations presented

Immunotherapy tied to improved survival in patients with brain metastases

By Reuters Staff NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Immunotherapy is associated with improved overall survival in patients with brain metastases who have undergone definitive surgery of their primary tumor,

Lacosamide helps prevent primary generalized tonic-clonic seizures in some with epilepsy

By Scott Baltic NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Lacosamide can reduce the frequency of primary generalized tonic-clonic seizures (PGTCS) in patients with idiopathic generalized epilepsy (IGE) who receive

High-dose digestive enzymes prevent NAFLD after pancreaticoduodenectomy

By Will Boggs MD NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The use of high-dose digestive enzymes is associated with a reduced incidence of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) following pancreaticoduodenectomy

Roche says 59% of SMA patients getting Evrysdi can sit - trial data

By Reuters Staff ZURICH (Reuters) - Swiss drugmaker Roche on Monday said 59% of infants with the severest form of spinal muscular atrophy could sit for at least five seconds after getting its drug

U.S. FDA pauses Inovio's coronavirus vaccine trial plan

By Reuters Staff (Reuters) - The U.S. health regulator has put a hold on Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc's plans to start final trials of its coronavirus vaccine as the agency seeks more information,

Trump's Operation Warp Speed document shows big military involvement- Stat News

By Reuters Staff (Reuters) - The Trump administration's Operation Warp Seed vaccine programme is a highly structured organization in which military personnel vastly outnumber civilian scientists,

Greasy creams help protect skin from PPE wounds

By Reuters Staff (Reuters) - Greasy lubricants are best for protecting the skin from friction and tear injuries caused by hours of wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), according to researchers

IDSA says when to test for COVID-19 antibodies

By Reuters Staff (Reuters) - COVID-19 serology tests are widely available but evidence of their usefulness is limited, the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) said as it unveiled new

Variant of usual PCR may speed COVID-19 testing

By Reuters Staff (Reuters) - Researchers say a variation of the gold standard polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test for diagnosing COVID-19 removes unnecessary steps and allows faster and less

SGLT2 inhibitors may lower the risk of major cardiovascular events

By Linda Carroll (Reuters Health) - Sodium glucose transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors may lower the risk of major cardiovascular events in people with type 2 diabetes more effectively than dipeptidyl

Global COVID-19 death toll could hit 2 million before vaccine in wide use -WHO

By Reuters Staff GENEVA/ZURICH (Reuters) - The global death toll from COVID-19 could double to 2 million before a successful vaccine is widely used and could be even higher without concerted action to

Transcranial low-level light therapy safe for moderate TBI

By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) - Transcranial low-level light therapy is safe for patients with moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI) and appears to impact the brain in measurable ways that might

Two charged in deadly COVID-19 outbreak at Massachusetts veterans' home

By Nate Raymond and Maria Caspani BOSTON (Reuters) - Two former heads of a Massachusetts veterans home have been indicted on criminal neglect charges for their roles in handling a COVID-19 outbreak

Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine produces strong immune response in early trial

By Vishwadha Chander (Reuters) - A single dose of Johnson & Johnson's experimental COVID-19 vaccine produced a strong immune response against the novel coronavirus in an early-to-mid stage clinical

'It worked': In New York City, pandemic-inspired outdoor dining to become permanent

By Barbara Goldberg NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York is committed to making outdoor dining a permanent option for the thousands of restaurants that have embraced the concept since the coronavirus

Florida governor removes COVID-19 restrictions on restaurants, bars

By Reuters Staff (Reuters) - Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Friday lifted all COVID-19 restrictions on businesses, including restaurants and bars, saying the threat of the coronavirus pandemic had

Space bubbles ease New York restaurant troubles

By Aleksandra Michalska NEW YORK (Reuters) - Space bubbles are frothing up business at a New York bistro, offering fresh air in safe capsules on sidewalks for customers on guard against the

Opportunistic screening doesn't find more AF cases

By Reuters Staff NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Opportunistic screening of primary-care patients 65 and older for atrial fibrillation (AF) does not increase detection, according to new findings. "Future

Telemedicine promising for blood pressure management, but many challenges remain

By Marilynn Larkin NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A new position paper shows that telemedicine is useful for optimizing the management of hypertensive patients, particularly those who are difficult to

CORRECTED-COVID-19 croup may be more severe than typical croup

(Corrects para 11 of Sept. 24 story, to indicate that all croup patients are offered COVID-19 testing.) By Megan Brooks NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Clinicians from Virginia report what they believe

Medical students can use tomatoes for skin-biopsy training

By Carolyn Crist NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Tomatoes can be a great option to introduce medical students to hands-on shave biopsy training, according to a new report. Tomatoes are affordable, widely

Obesity rising among hospitalized Crohn's patients

By Reuters Staff NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The percentage of hospitalized Crohn's disease (CD) patients with obesity rose sharply over the past two decades, while the proportion of malnourished

Community isolation facilities useful for managing COVID-19 pandemic

By Will Boggs MD NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Rapidly deployable community isolation facilities have proven effective for managing the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore, according to a new report. "

New drug shows promise in metastatic prostate cancer

By Megan Brooks NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The experimental oral tubulin inhibitor VERU-111 has shown antitumor activity in men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) and has a

Commercial antibody tests perform well in patients recovered from COVID-19

By Will Boggs MD NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Most commercial serological assays accurately detect anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in patients who have recovered from COVID-19, according to a comparative

Preop tests that delay cataract surgery tied to falls in older people

By David Douglas NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Postponing cataract surgery because of standard preoperative testing may increase the risk of falls in older people, according to a new study. "We've known

UK study shows rapid test has diagnostic sensitivity over 99%

By Reuters Staff LONDON (Reuters) - A new rapid test for COVID-19 has over 99% diagnostic sensitivity in early studies, scientists assessing the test at the University of Oxford said on Friday. Public

Some northern hemisphere countries struggling to source more flu vaccines -WHO

By Emma Farge and Stephanie Nebehay GENEVA (Reuters) - Some northern hemisphere countries are having trouble obtaining additional flu vaccines amid increased demand, but health workers and the elderly

New COVID-19 cases in England accelerating sharply: ONS survey

By Reuters Staff LONDON (Reuters) - The number of people in England with COVID-19 jumped by 73% in the latest week to Sept. 19, according to an official estimate that underscored the resurgence of the

Endo starts manufacturing Novavax's potential COVID-19 vaccine

By Reuters Staff (Reuters) - Generic drugmaker Endo said on Friday it was manufacturing Novavax Inc's experimental COVID-19 vaccine. The news comes a day after Novavax launched a late-stage trial of

J&J signs manufacturing deal with GRAM for potential COVID-19 vaccine

By Reuters Staff (Reuters) - Johnson & Johnson has signed a manufacturing deal for its coronavirus vaccine candidate with Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing Inc, the contract manufacturing organization

Olympics-Tokyo organisers outline steps for 'simplified' Games

By Kiyoshi Takenaka TOKYO (Reuters) - Organisers of the Tokyo Olympics on Friday proposed cutting back the number of staff at next year's Summer Games and shortening the opening period for training

Expert-center referral after pancreatectomy does not improve outcomes

By Will Boggs MD NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Transfer of patients to expert centers after pancreatectomy does not appear to improve outcomes, according to a database study. Interhospital transfer (IHT

DCIS linked to higher breast cancer mortality, despite treatment

By Marilynn Larkin NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The risk of dying from breast cancer is about three times higher in women with carcinoma in situ (DCIS) than in the general population, even after

Ban on cornea donation from gay and bisexual men outdated, wastes eyes

By Linda Carroll (Reuters Health) - The current U.S. ban on cornea donation from men who have had sex with men in the prior five years may result in as many as 3,000 potential corneas being wasted

Arthroscopic partial meniscectomy tied to radiographic knee osteoarthritis

By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) - Patients with a degenerative meniscus tear who get arthroscopic partial meniscectomy have similar five-year outcomes and increased risk of radiographic knee

U.S. vaccine program chief backs stricter rules for emergency use of COVID-19 shot

By Julie Steenhuysen CHICAGO (Reuters) - The scientific head of the U.S. government program designed to speed development of COVID-19 vaccines said on Thursday he supports stricter rules to grant

Cuomo says New York to review any COVID-19 vaccine authorized by federal govt

By Maria Caspani (Reuters) - New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Thursday said the state will carry out its own review of coronavirus vaccines authorized or approved by the federal government due to

Motivational interviewing can reduce adolescent alcohol use

By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) - Motivational interviewing can help reduce the frequency of adolescent alcohol use and how often they experience problems related to substance use, a meta-analysis

Pfizer partner BioNTech sees no role for its vaccine in UK challenge trial

By Reuters Staff FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Pfizer's German development partner BioNTech on Thursday joined other leading COVID-19 vaccine developers in ruling out participation in British plans to test

Cases of nut anaphylaxis spike in children at Halloween and Easter

By Linda Carroll (Reuters Health) - The number of children showing up in emergency departments with anaphylaxis may spike during Halloween and Easter, a new study suggests. Canadian researchers found

UK's Integumen unveils prototype COVID-19 breath test

By Reuters Staff LONDON (Reuters) - Integumen, a British company that developed a system to detect the COVID-19 virus in waste water, said the same technology could be deployed in a personalised

Becton Dickinson reaches $60 million settlement over pelvic mesh devices

By Jonathan Stempel NEW YORK (Reuters) - Becton Dickinson and Co said on Thursday it has reached a $60 million settlement with the attorneys general of 48 U.S. states and Washington D.C., resolving

COVID-19 may damage monocytes in bone marrow

By Reuters Staff (Reuters) - Even the bone marrow may not be a safe harbor from the effects of SARS-CoV-2, according to a study that found previously unrecognized changes in the innate immune

Melanoma patients still at higher risk for new malignancy after successful systemic immunotherapy

By David Douglas NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Patients successfully treated for metastatic melanoma with immune-checkpoint inhibitors remain at increased risk for developing new primary cutaneous

Peer-support programs can help parents of gender-diverse youth

By Carolyn Crist NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Parents of transgender, gender-nonconforming or gender-diverse youth may seek support from other parents to gain a greater understanding of the resources

Rates of recurrent CHD events dropping in U.S.

By Anne Harding NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Recurrent coronary heart disease (CHD) events declined for both men and women from 2008 to 2017, with a greater proportional decline for women, according to

Hispanic, Black, poor children more likely to test positive for SARS-CoV-2

By Will Boggs MD NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Black and Hispanic children and those from lower socioeconomic groups are more likely than others to test positive for SARS-CoV-2, according to a new U.S.

Dapagliflozin again shows kidney, cardiovascular benefit beyond glucose control

By Reuters Staff (Reuters Health) - The diabetes drug dapagliflozin can prevent decline in kidney function among patients with chronic kidney disease, according to new results from the DAPA-CKD trial.

Glycans in SARS-CoV-2 spike protein play key role in binding to host cells

By Will Boggs MD NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Glycans coating the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 facilitate conformational changes needed to bind to ACE2 and infect host cells, researchers report. "Our

COVID-19 croup may be more severe than typical croup

By Megan Brooks NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Clinicians from Virginia report what they believe are the first documented cases of croup as a manifestation of SARS-CoV-2 infection. The limited experience

High COVID-19 mortality seen in assisted-living facilities

By Reuters Staff (Reuters) - Data compiled from more than 4,600 assisted living facilities in seven U.S. states through the end of May showed a four-fold higher COVID-19 fatality rate than in the

CORRECTED-High-resolution CT no extra help in fracture risk screening in women

(Corrects first para of Sept. 15 story by adding missing text.) By Reuters Staff NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - High-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography (HR-pQCT) does not improve upon

AstraZeneca still waiting for FDA go-ahead to resume U.S. trial

By Ludwig Burger and Caroline Copley FRANKFURT (Reuters) - AstraZeneca is still waiting for the U.S. drug regulator to approve the restart of the clinical trial of its potential COVID-19 vaccine in

As COVID surges in Europe, officials warn of "twindemic" with flu

By Kate Kelland LONDON (Reuters) - A surge in COVID-19 cases in Europe risks becoming a deadly double epidemic of flu and coronavirus infections, EU health officials warned on Thursday as they urged

England Test and Trace reports tripling of COVID-19 cases since late August

By Reuters Staff LONDON (Reuters) - Three times as many people tested positive for COVID-19 in England in latest weekly figures compared to the end of August, NHS Test and Trace said on Thursday, with

COVID rising again in Sweden amid return to 'hugs and parties' -PM

By Reuters Staff STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Some areas of Sweden are seeing a worrying resurgence of coronavirus infections because many people seem to have set aside months of caution in favour of full-on

Trump says may block stricter FDA guidelines for COVID-19 vaccine

By Jeff Mason WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he may or may not approve any new, more stringent FDA standards for an emergency authorization of a COVID-19 vaccine,

EXCLUSIVE-Top adviser steps aside from FDA COVID-19 vaccine reviews over potential conflict

By Dan Levine and Marisa Taylor (Reuters) - A physician who heads the influential U.S. Food and Drug Administration vaccine advisory committee recused herself from the panel's review of COVID-19

Parental touch soothes pain signals in babies' brains

By Kate Kelland LONDON (Reuters) - Newborn babies undergoing a painful heel prick blood test have a reduced response to the pain signals in their brains if they are held by a parent with skin-to-skin

Houston study: More contagious coronavirus strain now dominates

By Deena Beasley (Reuters) - The first study to analyze the structure of the novel coronavirus from two waves of infection in a major city found that a more contagious strain dominates recent samples,

REFILE-Medical treatment likely bests endovascular therapy for symptomatic intracranial artery stenosis

(Changes "ICAD" to "ICAS" in para 3 of Sept. 9 story.) By Marilynn Larkin NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - In patients with symptomatic intracranial atherosclerotic stenosis (ICAS), endovascular therapy (

REFILE-Life-prolonging cancer treatments should continue: ESMO

(Corrects spelling of Herceptin in para 3 of July 31 story.) By Reuters Staff (Reuters Health) - In most cases, cancer treatment that improves a patient's odds of survival should not be stopped or

OTC cognitive supplements may contain multiple unapproved drugs

By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) - Over-the-counter supplements promoted as brain boosters may contain a variety of unapproved drugs in doses and combinations that could be harmful, a new study finds

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